Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Eliminating the Pain of Sciatica

Sciatica is a Real Pain in the Butt!

Sciatica is a common ailment.  Most of us have experienced it or will experience it at some time.  It is pain in the lower extremities of the body caused by the Sciatic nerve that has become irritated, impaired or even damaged.  It is literally, a pain in the butt!  The Sciatic nerve begins in the lower lumbar, runs through the buttocks, and the nerve pathway runs from there, all the way down our legs to our feet.  That is why when we have Sciatica, we can feel it from the lower back, down to our feet.  And because the Sciatic nerve is the longest and fattest nerve in the body, it can be extremely painful.  Generally speaking, the larger the nerve, the greater the pain.  Numbness, tingling and weakness are also symptoms of Sciatica.     

What Causes Sciatica?

There are a number of things that can cause Sciatica. According to Sciatica101, some of these causes include:
* Herniated disc
* Lumbar spinal stenosis
* Spondylolisthesis
* Spinal tumors
* Physical trauma
* Poor posture
* Excessive weight
* Lack of physical activity

Visit http://tiny.cc/u52mi for a more complete listing and description.
What Can You Do About It?

Here are just a few tips to relieving Sciatic pain.

1. Basic Comfort: Make sure your office chair, car seat and other frequent sitting spots are comfortable and not putting unnecessary pressure on your Sciatic Nerve.  A strategically placed pillow can do wonders to relieve the pain.
2. Exercise: Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi have been used to reduce the pressure on the Sciatic Nerve, which can greatly reduce the pain. 
3. Potassium:  Some studies show increasing your potassium levels can help.  Eating potassium rich foods such as potatoes, bananas and oranges have been shown to help.
4. Water: Drinking plenty of water can reduce pain.  For Sciatica, soaking in a hot tub followed by a cold shower may help as well.
5. Alternative Therapies: If you’ve done what you can and the pain persists, alternative therapies can help.  Neural Depolarization™  http://tiny.cc/xvp4f , Massage, Chiropractic and Acupuncture have all been successful in relieving the pain of Sciatica.

My Own Experience With Sciatic Pain

I had been temporarily using a hard chair as a desk chair.  Not a good idea.  Even with a cushion, the pressure that put on my Sciatic nerve caused enough suppression to the nerve, that I developed Sciatic pain.  OUCH!  This is when it comes in handy to be a health practitioner.  I was able to work on my own nerves with Neural Depolarization™, the nervous system therapy I use in my practice.  With NDP™ I was able to eliminate the pain quickly and easily.  I do give my Sciatic nerve a “tune up” on occasion, since I do sometimes spend significant amounts of time sitting at my computer.  (Who doesn’t?). This nips the problem in the bud, and keeps it from becoming anything significant.

Try NDP™ For Sciatic Pain

I use NDP™ with my clients who come to see me for Sciatica.  They too find it to be very beneficial.  NDP™ gently assists the nerves in repairing the impairment in the nerves, which eliminates the cause of the pain, and therefore the pain itself.

Here is one person’s experience of NDP™ for Sciatica:

I have had sciatica issues for many years. It had gotten to the point where I could not sit down and watch a movie at home without having to get up after 20 minutes or so. And then pace the room for the remainder of the show. I had 3 sessions with Carole and the improvement has been dramatic. Currently, it is hardly an issue at all--almost zero.” D.E. Cary, NC   

If you’d like more information on NDP™ for pain relief, visit www.painreliefraleigh.com

What have you used to relieve your Sciatic pain?  Please share it with us.

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