Tuesday, July 5, 2011

7 Tips for Cancer Prevention

 Cancer is one of the most rapidly increasing diseases in our society.  Some statistics say 1 out of every 4 people will get cancer in their lifetime.  The good news is cancer is largely preventable.  By reducing or eliminating your exposure to cancer causing agents, you can greatly reduce your risk of developing cancer. 

When we think of preventing cancer, we usually think of the common suggestions: quit smoking, limit alcohol consumption, exercise, eat lots of fruits and vegetables, limit consumption of sugar.  These are all important.  But there are other, lesser known actions we can take to prevent cancer and other diseases.  Here are just a few: 

 7 Tips to Prevent Cancer 
1. Drink plenty of water.  Generally speaking, the more hydrated you are, the healthier you’ll be.  But municipal tap water has numerous potentially cancer causing chemicals in it.  To avoid increasing your toxic load, drink only filtered water or bottled water.  Make sure the filter is a better quality filter that filters out most of the toxic chemicals.  Installing a shower filter is also a good idea, so you don't absorb toxins in the water through your skin.  If drinking bottled water, it is best to drink brands that come in glass bottles.  Plastic bottles leach toxic chemicals into the water, and you will then be drinking water that may be no better then your tap water.  Mineral water in glass bottles is best.  That way, you’re getting water that is more pure and also gives your body the minerals it needs to be healthy.

2.  Eat fresh foods that have not been grown with pesticides/herbicides.  These are disease causing chemicals that increase your toxic load.  Whenever possible buy produce from local farmers who do not use pesticides.  Certified organic in stores is also another good option.  By eating foods that have not been sprayed with toxic chemicals, you will be reducing your exposure to potentially cancer causing agents.  

3. Eat meats that have been raised on smaller farms, preferably local farms.  Factory farmed animals are fed a diet that is high in toxins, many of which are suspected of increasing your risk of cancer.  Buying from small, local farms is a much healthier choice.

4. Eat and drink only organic dairy products.  These come for animals that have not been fed Growth Hormones.  Scientists believe growth hormones can lead to breast and other forms of cancer. 

5. Do not use air fresheners or burn scented candles in your home.  Studies are finding these to contain chemicals that may lead to cancer, upper respiratory diseases, birth defects and more.

6. “Don’t worry.  Be happy!”  Bob Marley had it right.  Worry, fear and stress can trigger the brain to produce toxic chemicals that can actually increase your risk of disease.  Don’t fear getting cancer.  Instead, “know” that you are healthy.  What we think, we create.  So think healthy and happy thoughts and you are likely to create health and happiness.  It really does work! 

7. Toxic overload can cause cancer.  Its important to reduce your toxic exposure, and its also important to eliminate the toxins that are already in your body. We all have them.  Finding a detox program that works for you is important to reduce your toxic load and reduce your risk of disease.  A detox diet, such as the one highlighted in Kathy Oddenino’s book, “Joy of Health” http://tiny.cc/31lfd can work wonders.  NDP™ nervous system therapy http://tiny.cc/iiivk
is also a great way to open up the cells and release the toxic chemicals that have become embedded there. 

By following these simple guidelines, you are doing so much to help yourself live a healthy, cancer free life.  Isn’t it nice to know that your health is in your own hands? 

What other ideas do you have to help reduce the risk of cancer and other diseases?

Monday, July 4, 2011

Celebrating Independence as Freedom From Fear

 Independence as Freedom of Choice
Independence Day is a cause for self-reflection.  While I don't necessarily think of myself as patriotic (I've never owned an American Flag), its hard for me to miss the true meaning of this day.  Our great country was started by free thinking individuals who clearly understood they had the freedom of choice.  They could choose control and dependency on an oppressive government, or they could choose the freedom of independence and self-sufficiency.  Our country's first leaders created for themselves and for us, an opportunity to live in peace, to live with the freedom of choice to think as we choose, to live as we choose, to live within a society that supports our freedom, both as a collective in citizenship and as individuals.  The macrocosm of our free, American society is a reflection of our internal freedom of choice, as our internal microcosm of our thinking mind.  We are designed to be free within our own self, as we are within our country.  Are you living your internal design of freedom?

Independence and Freedom VS Fear and Control 
Independence Day is a day to reflect on the level of independence we have chosen to live within our mind and our loving emotional self.  Are you living your individual independence and freedom, or are you living with fear, as your ultimate self-control?  Most people live with internal warring behavior, as reflected externally in our warring world.  This is an ego-spirit tug of war as fear vs love.  It plays itself out in our thoughts as:

* I'm happy with myself /I'm not good enough
* I want to do this/I can't do this
* I love myself/ I need someone else to love me
* I feel equal/I am better (or not as good) as they are
* I feel as healthy as can be/I'm afraid of developing cancer
* My business is doing great!/How in the world am I going to pay my next bill?

Do any of these conflicting thoughts feel familiar?  These are the thoughts of a mind controlled by fear.  When we are in fear, we are unable to live the freedom and independence that is part of our inherent design.  Being controlled by fear isn't always apparent.  It may require some self-assessment.  Here are a few questions that have helped me see the level of my own internal fear that keeps me from living my true freedom and independence.  Maybe they'll help you too.

* Are there areas of your life where you feel stuck?
* Do you have things you want to do but resist doing them?
* What would you do in life if you had no fear?
* Is your life everything you want it to be?
* Do your dreams seem like impossibilities?

Independence is our Birthright
Fear is the only thing that keeps us from living the life we desire, rich with peace, joy, and abundance on every level.  Fear is a completely irrational emotion.  We are designed to live with our loving emotions integrated with our thinking mind.  In other words, we are designed to think with love, not with fear.  Healing the fear allows us to create the freedom and independence that is our inherent birthright.  It allows us to live with love, as our true design as human beings.

As Americans and as human beings, we deserve to live our true freedom and independence.  Today is the perfect day to reflect on how you can live them with greater intensity.  For me, I'm going to make the conscious choice to allow the energy of love to guide me through my life, and allow love to heal my fear and create my internal world of freedom and independence.

I'd love to hear how you will choose to live your internal freedom and independence.    

Happy Internal Independence Day!


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Eliminating the Pain of Sciatica

Sciatica is a Real Pain in the Butt!

Sciatica is a common ailment.  Most of us have experienced it or will experience it at some time.  It is pain in the lower extremities of the body caused by the Sciatic nerve that has become irritated, impaired or even damaged.  It is literally, a pain in the butt!  The Sciatic nerve begins in the lower lumbar, runs through the buttocks, and the nerve pathway runs from there, all the way down our legs to our feet.  That is why when we have Sciatica, we can feel it from the lower back, down to our feet.  And because the Sciatic nerve is the longest and fattest nerve in the body, it can be extremely painful.  Generally speaking, the larger the nerve, the greater the pain.  Numbness, tingling and weakness are also symptoms of Sciatica.     

What Causes Sciatica?

There are a number of things that can cause Sciatica. According to Sciatica101, some of these causes include:
* Herniated disc
* Lumbar spinal stenosis
* Spondylolisthesis
* Spinal tumors
* Physical trauma
* Poor posture
* Excessive weight
* Lack of physical activity

Visit http://tiny.cc/u52mi for a more complete listing and description.
What Can You Do About It?

Here are just a few tips to relieving Sciatic pain.

1. Basic Comfort: Make sure your office chair, car seat and other frequent sitting spots are comfortable and not putting unnecessary pressure on your Sciatic Nerve.  A strategically placed pillow can do wonders to relieve the pain.
2. Exercise: Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi have been used to reduce the pressure on the Sciatic Nerve, which can greatly reduce the pain. 
3. Potassium:  Some studies show increasing your potassium levels can help.  Eating potassium rich foods such as potatoes, bananas and oranges have been shown to help.
4. Water: Drinking plenty of water can reduce pain.  For Sciatica, soaking in a hot tub followed by a cold shower may help as well.
5. Alternative Therapies: If you’ve done what you can and the pain persists, alternative therapies can help.  Neural Depolarization™  http://tiny.cc/xvp4f , Massage, Chiropractic and Acupuncture have all been successful in relieving the pain of Sciatica.

My Own Experience With Sciatic Pain

I had been temporarily using a hard chair as a desk chair.  Not a good idea.  Even with a cushion, the pressure that put on my Sciatic nerve caused enough suppression to the nerve, that I developed Sciatic pain.  OUCH!  This is when it comes in handy to be a health practitioner.  I was able to work on my own nerves with Neural Depolarization™, the nervous system therapy I use in my practice.  With NDP™ I was able to eliminate the pain quickly and easily.  I do give my Sciatic nerve a “tune up” on occasion, since I do sometimes spend significant amounts of time sitting at my computer.  (Who doesn’t?). This nips the problem in the bud, and keeps it from becoming anything significant.

Try NDP™ For Sciatic Pain

I use NDP™ with my clients who come to see me for Sciatica.  They too find it to be very beneficial.  NDP™ gently assists the nerves in repairing the impairment in the nerves, which eliminates the cause of the pain, and therefore the pain itself.

Here is one person’s experience of NDP™ for Sciatica:

I have had sciatica issues for many years. It had gotten to the point where I could not sit down and watch a movie at home without having to get up after 20 minutes or so. And then pace the room for the remainder of the show. I had 3 sessions with Carole and the improvement has been dramatic. Currently, it is hardly an issue at all--almost zero.” D.E. Cary, NC   

If you’d like more information on NDP™ for pain relief, visit www.painreliefraleigh.com

What have you used to relieve your Sciatic pain?  Please share it with us.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Achieving Optimum Health: Inspirations Gained From Parkinson's Disease

Achieving Optimum Health: Inspirations Gained From Parkinson's Disease: "What or Who Inspires You? Where do you gain your inspiration in life? It may be your family, your friends, religion, teachers or even..."

Inspirations Gained From Parkinson's Disease

What or Who Inspires You?

Where do you gain your inspiration in life?  It may be your family, your friends, religion, teachers or even a song.  One place I have gained inspiration is from my clients.  One of the things I love most about my work are my clients  In working with people who are experiencing extreme pain and significant health challenges, they sometimes become much more in touch with their internal selves; that part of us that we so frequently ignore, yet is the jewel, the diamond hidden within all of us.  From that place comes inspiration, strength and courage.  From that place comes our ability to love.  For some, whose physical lives have become so challenging, they often learn that it is within our inner most self, where we find the greatest sense of peace. 

 Disease as an Opportunity to Learn and Grow

One of my greatest sources of inspirations comes from one of my clients, who has been living with Parkinson's Disease for over 25 years.  While others choose to succomb to their illness and allow it to "become" them, their self-image, their crutch in life, this man has chosen to allow himself to see it as a gift, a source of learning, growing, self-discovery.  He has chosen to allow Parkinson's Disease to be his tool of inspiration, of learning to make the most of his life and appreciate each and every day. 

In the few years I have known this man, I have come to see him as a Superman of men.  Much like Christopher Reeve, who became a real Superman, long after his movie role, this man faces the challenges of his life as a true Super Man, who's hope is to inspire others, as he has become so inspired.  With his full permission, I am sharing with you one of his recent writings that he sent to me.  I hope he will inspire you, as he has inspired me.

"I found myself today asking aloud, “How long can I keep this up?”

This – being the whole package,….Dealing with the chronic pain, muscle stiffness, the mental slowing that Parkinson’s brings to my table everyday.

I’ve never been afraid of having Parkinson’s, never shed too many tears over it. In my engineering mind, the objective has been just to get from one day to the next.

My father taught me some valuable lessons about dealing with life. Some of his favorite lines were:

-         “You’ve got to just deal with it son.”
-         “You’ve got to play the hand you’re dealt.”
-         “Just do the best you can.”
-         “The bigger deal you make of something the bigger deal it will become.”
All of those statements are true.  I took them to mean “be strong, hang in there, and keep going.  Prove that you can still be successful, and not to wear Parkinson’s as my calling card. Just get on with life.

In my life, I’ve tried to prove to every naysayer that I am stronger than PD, that I was in for a dog fight, and it would not break my spirit.  The first 20 years life was a cake walk, compared to the last 10 years.  These last 10 years have been a struggle.

I’ve experienced in my life many epiphanies ……….It seems strange to say, but having Parkinson’s has been one of my greatest teachers.

But there is a dark side of PD, the depressive side, the side of the illness where no one wants to go.  It is a place where for a long time, I chose not to go. I saw little use for me to go there because I saw no value in dwelling on the down side of things.  Another reason I wouldn’t go there is because once I opened up that can of worms, there would be no turning back.  I knew that first step down into the p-o-o-p would be a dewsy.  No one could tell me how far, or how deep the drop off would be.

But there in lies a gift that has been in front of me the whole time. While I have spent my life attempting to hold my head up to be super human, so I could show everyone I could handle having Parkinson’s with grace and dignity.

I had almost completely ignored my gift.  The gift is a deep understanding of what it is to be human, and what it is to experience pain. .  Life is the most real there.   It is a raw, ugly, painful uncomfortable place, but it is where life is experienced.  It is where my heart is broken; it is where I am most vulnerable; it is a tender fragile place inside of me where the truth lies.

The feeling of complete desperation that I feel now is what’s real. I can’t fix it, or engineer my way out of it.  No success, money, or things being a certain way for me would bring calmness, satisfaction, or happiness.. Those all are just distractions.

It is from that sadness, the place where my heart is broken wide open for the world to see…. It is from that fragile state of being where I am closest to god and one with the universe.  It is from that tender vulnerable place, where I’ve learned the most about compassion for others.  It is a place where I am my weakest and I am my strongest.

 It is where many compassionate people come from, like Mother Teresa and the Dalai Lama.

It is being human. Having gone through the things I have gone through has given me the ability to relate to anyone, the capacity to live life more fully and to cope with any adversity.

Life is full of little paradoxes that have much to teach us.  I am sharing my thoughts to have an impact on your life today.

It is true, “our thoughts make our world”,…. But don’t avoid those uncomfortable places, where life’s challenges are. 

Live your life where it is meant to be. Live it where it is real, to experience the joy and the pain, and to become wiser from the experience."  J. Chapel Hill, NC

Parkinson's Disease inspires this man, he inspires me. What is it that inspires you?