Wednesday, February 17, 2010

When Natural is Not!

Being in the alternative health field, I'm naturally focused. That is to say, I buy and use everything that is all "natural". Or so I think.

The Hazards of Antiperspirants and Deodorants

Years ago I learned of the hazards of antiperspirants and deodorants because of the aluminum contained in most of them,and the risk of cancer and other illnesses like Alzheimer's, they can cause. So I gave up the idea that "its not polite to sweat", got rid of antiperspirants all together and went with a "natural" deodorant. After all, sweating is one thing, smelling like it is another! After trying all the "natural" deodorants on the market I finally found the only one that worked for me. The deodorant stone. This "all natural" mineral salt actually kills the bacteria that causes that nasty underarm smell we all hate and feel embarrassed by. Its "natural" and it works! How great is that!

When "Natural" is Not

But...... Being one who loves to learn, I read a lot, and luckily so. I just read this article yesterday on the truth about "natural" deodorants, including my favorite, the deodorant stone. Guess what.....Its Not Natural! Darn. They got me again! And I thought I was being so smart. Here is the link to the article which I think is worth the read

If you don't want to bother reading, but want the solution, use baking soda instead.

Buyer Beware

But buyer beware! The good old stand by brand, Arm and Hammer, and other conventional brands of baking soda have aluminum in them too, or so I am told (don't quote me on this). To find the non-aluminum brands of baking soda you'll have to go to Whole Foods or your local "natural" foods co-op. (But don't worry, Arm and Hammer is still great for household cleaning purposes)

I'm constantly learning, and the more I learn, the less I find that I know. If I've helped one of you learn one new thing, then this post was worth writing. Would you care to share some of what you've learned with us?