Monday, December 27, 2010

How to Shrink an Enlarged Prostate

This is not exactly a comfortable subject for many people, but it is an important one.  With as many as 50% of men in their sixties and 90% in their seventies and eighties developing some symptoms of an enlarged prostate, its time to address the question of, How do you shrink an enlarged prostate? 

Symptoms of an Enlarged Prostate

First, a quick look at some of the symptoms of an enlarged prostate. 

Problems urinating
Frequent urination, which can include trips to the bathroom at night that disrupts your sleep
Slow urine flow
Difficulty emptying the bladder
Blood in the urine
Pain urinating
Problems achieving and maintaining an erection 

NOTE:  These symptoms may be indicative of other problems, so it is important to see your doctor for a diagnosis.
Treatment for an Enlarged Prostate

Conventional treatment for an enlarged prostate usually includes medication as the first course of action.  This can suppress the symptoms and offer a temporary fix, but rarely eliminates the actual problem.  Surgery is often a solution for more advanced problems, as is inserting a catheter.  Surgery is invasive, expensive and painful.  Would you really want your prostate removed?  A catheter is also not a desirable solution to most men I know.  So what is the alternative?

Alternative Treatment for an Enlarged Prostate

There are a number of alternative and natural treatments for enlarged prostates, and the bladder problems they may cause.  The most common treatment I have found in my research is Saw Palmetto .  This shrub has been used for prostate health for many years, and has been shown to be quite effective.  It is now so common, it can be found at most stores that have a varied selection of supplements.  Zinc, selenium and pumpkin seeds have all been reported to be helpful as well.  Many men have found some relief using these dietary supplements.

An alternative therapy that can be very effective in shrinking the prostate and eliminating bladder problems is Neural Depolarization™ nervous system therapy .  Why is this helpful?  When there are prostate and/or bladder problems, the nerves that go directly to the prostate and bladder will likely be impaired.  Whether the nerve impairment caused the condition or the condition caused the nerve impairment, is uncertain.  By gently repairing the affected nerves and bringing them back into a normal state of function, the prostate and bladder can also be brought back into a normal state of function.  The result?  Well, let’s just say everything should be flowing smoothly.

Does Neural Depolarization™ Really work for an 
Enlarged Prostate?

Here is what one man had to say about his experience using Neural Depolarization™ nervous system therapy as a means of eliminating his prostate and bladder problems:

 “I was diagnosed several years ago with an enlarged prostate that made it difficult to urinate.  I started medication (flomax), which helped initially, but it became increasingly difficult to empty my bladder over the past year.  My urologist commented that I would probably need a catheter at some point, which prompted me to pursue an alternate path.  I had heard Carole Hoffman speak of NDP and it made since that treating the nerves would have a positive effect on my situation.  I started treatments with Carole and after 3 sessions, I can see a vast improvement in urine flow.  I feel like I have better muscle control and that my bladder is emptying.  The treatments are non-invasive and I saw immediate improvement after the first session.   I would recommend anyone to Carole as a better alternative to medication and a path to better health.  Carole does her research and is a wealth of knowledge on natural healing and health maintenance. I'm very happy with the treatment and the result, and will recommend her to others.”  Mike, NC

If you, or someone you know is suffering from an enlarged prostate and the bladder problems that can result, consider Neural Depolarization(TM) as a safe and effective solution.  It worked for Mike, and it could work for you too. 

Imagine, sleeping the whole night through.............uninterrupted! 

Monday, December 20, 2010

Health as a Choice to Love Ourself

I went to pick up a friend at the hospital, from her Chemotherapy treatment.  I hadn’t set foot in a hospital in years.  As I walked in, I smelled and felt the air.  It was dry and of poor quality.  My nose sensed the intermingling of scents: of medications and perfumes, sterility and disease.  Absent, was the fresh smell of health.  I watched the people with an intensity of observance of a mind wanting to learn and understand.  I saw people wearing masks, employees, patients and visitors.  I wondered if they were trying not to spread their own germs, or trying not to pick up germs from the others.  Either way, I found it sad.  An awareness of irony stirred in my mind.  I sat in the waiting room, waiting for my friend.  It was difficult to pick out the patients from those who were waiting for their loved one to take home, like me.  They all looked if not sickly, at least of a much lower level of health than I have come to appreciate living.  Those who were not patients at that time, I sensed were future patients in the making.  As I watched, gathering it all in, I marveled at the focus all around me.  It was a focus on disease, lived through the energy of fear.  I wondered how anyone can get healthy, being in a place of disease.  I was glad the hospital world was not a part of my world.

 And yet, as I observed the nurses and other hospital employees interacting with the patients, I understood this to be a perfect place to learn and live compassion, caring and love.  I observed this, as I watched with a smile. Like the tender balance of the dual soul, I watched the emotions of fear and love being lived in strange harmony together, as one neutralizing the other.

Sitting in my chair, I pulled out my reading material.  It was the handout of the seminar I had just attended  with the Institute for Metaphysical Studies, “The Creation of Our Dual Soul Energy”.  Picking up where I had left off the night before I read, “We create our own level of health and disease by the energy balance or imbalance of ourselves with Earth and Nature”.  My eyes began to well up as I realized a sense of appreciation for my own choice to live health, rather than disease, and for the teachings of  Kathy Oddenino and Spiritual Philosophy, which taught me the difference and that I have a choice.  As I looked around at the others visible to me, I felt sad for them and their choice.  Do they not know they have a choice, or is disease their choice?  I felt grateful to know that I have the knowledge to make my choices consciously.  Through Spiritual Philosophy, I’ve learned to value and to love my life and my health.  Learning to love is also a choice.  Embracing the wisdom of Spiritual Philosophy is how I choose to live that love.

My hope for all those I observed at the hospital is that they too will choose to learn how to live love.  A choice to live in health, is a choice to live in love....for ourself      

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Weight Loss Myth: Eating Low Fat and Sugar Free Foods Will Help You Lose Weight

This one was inspired by my significant other, who came over last night with some sugar free and low fat ice cream as a treat. Ice cream is my downfall when it comes to sweets. (Two of my dearest friends are Ben and Jerry) He thought he was doing a good thing. (He gets an "A" for his sincere efforts). Unfortunately, he is under many miss-perceptions, like so many people, when it comes to weight loss and healthy eating. Perhaps you are too.

Let's Face It, Gaining Weight Is A Whole Lot Easier Than 
Losing It.

We all know that. We don't need anything making it even harder for us. Did you know that some of the things you are doing to lose weight can actually be sabotaging your weight loss efforts? Here is just one of the many myths about weight loss that I hope will make it easier for you to lose weight faster and keep it off for good.

"Low Fat" And "Sugar Free" Foods Will Help Me Lose Weight.

Nope!  On the contrary, "low fat" foods usually have a much higher sugar content, to improve the flavor. Fat actually adds flavor to foods, so without it, they have to add sugar, and synthetic additives, to make it taste good enough for you to eat it.

"Sugar free" foods usually use artificial sweeteners to sweeten them up. Artificial sweeteners are extremely harmful to your body. (You're much better off with sugar)

Both of these "diet" foods contain artificial and synthetic chemicals that harm your body. To add insult to injury, when you consume these chemicals, your body recognizes them as harmful and goes into "survival mode". This includes holding on to and even gaining weight, to help it stay balanced in the face of the unintentional abuse you just heaped on it!

The result ends up to be, the more "diet" foods you eat to lose weight, the more you gain weight!

The Myth Buster

Low fat and Diet Foods do not help you to lose weight. They can cause you to gain weight instead!

Just The Facts, Jack

If you want to eat foods that will help you to loss weight, go for the natural foods that come right from nature, or as close to nature as possible. Fruits, vegetables, legumes and whole grains are best. If you're eating plenty of these foods on a daily basis, then its OK to allow yourself a little sweet treat now and then. Keep it small, only on occasion and enjoy it thoroughly. No guilt Allowed! Oh, and keep it natural whenever possible. (No sugar free ice cream, please)

Do Yourself A Big Favor, And Don't Buy Into All The Marketing Hype Of The Diet Industry.

They're main interest is their profits, not your weight. Learn to read labels. They are one of the best defenses you have to protect yourself from misleading advertising and to support healthy eating and weight loss.

Stay posted for more health myth busting posts.

Do you have a health myth you'd like to have busted? Write a comment to let me know.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Food as a Predictor of Behavior in Children: Eat Better, Act Better?

Eat Better, Act Better?

Most of us know if we eat healthy we’re more likely to be healthy. But how often do we relate what we eat to our behavior, and more importantly perhaps, the behavior of our children? In a talk I recently gave about nutrition I had used several examples of every day foods to bring my point home about what is really in the foods we are eating, that we may be unaware of. One of these foods was children’s breakfast cereal. A conventional brand listed sugar as the first ingredient, and therefore a main ingredient. Yet every parent knows that after eating sugar kids are likely to go off the deep end and become hyperactive and misbehave, followed by the sugar low that causes irritability. So why are we feeding our kids sugar first thing in the morning? Are we helping them to start their day on the wrong foot? Among other toxic and possibly disease causing ingredients, there were 3 different food dyes in this cereal. Food dyes have been linked to hyperactivity, reduced mental capacity and several forms of disease, including asthma and cancer.Reading the ingredients in this one food got me thinking more about the ever increasing incidence of ADD and ADHD in children, and the behavior problems that parents and teachers are so well aware of. Is it possible that by simply changing what we feed our children we can relieve and perhaps eliminate hyperactivity and other behavioral problems in children? Increasing evidence indicates the answer is “Yes”.

You Do What You Eat

An article entitled “You Do What You Eat”, in the September, 2005 edition of “Ode” magazine reported mounting evidence that food directly affects the behavior of children. Studies show when eating a diet high in sugars, saturated fats, food dyes, pesticides and preservatives, children will exhibit aggression, restlessness and even explosive behavior. When this food is replaced with healthy, nutritious foods the bad behavior disappears or is greatly reduced. This phenomenon was also highlighted in the movie “Super Size Me” . Here, an experiment was conducted with “emotionally disturbed” children who were put into a different school that served only organic foods and healthy snacks. Soda machines were replaced with water vending machines. Candy machines were replaced with healthy choices. Before long the behavior of these “problem” children became exemplary, even better then the other school children who were still eating nutritionally void junk foods. Similar results have been found in studies performed in prisons. For instance, a study conducted by Bernard Gesch , a physiologist at the University of Oxford, showed aggression and fighting were reduced considerably among inmates when healthy foods were replaced with conventional and junk foods. Food, it seems, is becoming a reliable predictor of future violence and crime in children, and even adults. This phenomenon implies remarkable possibilities for great improvements relating to our level of crime in society, the over crowding of prisons, and in fact our entire judicial system over time. This transforms our food choices, once thought of as a personal issue into a social issue as well.

Food Linked to ADHD and Violence in Children

When adding crime and violence to the strong links already known to exist between food and ADD/ADHD, obesity and related health problems and other diseases in children, there is even more cause to consider changing what our children eat. With this increased evidence becoming difficult to ignore there is a wave beginning in schools across the country toward healthy and organic lunches and snacks for their students. Schools who participate are finding students becoming more well behaved, happier, healthier and better able to learn, and their test scores show it. With these results being so favorable, the question becomes, is our school system ready for change?

I welcome your thoughts and comments.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

When Natural is Not!

Being in the alternative health field, I'm naturally focused. That is to say, I buy and use everything that is all "natural". Or so I think.

The Hazards of Antiperspirants and Deodorants

Years ago I learned of the hazards of antiperspirants and deodorants because of the aluminum contained in most of them,and the risk of cancer and other illnesses like Alzheimer's, they can cause. So I gave up the idea that "its not polite to sweat", got rid of antiperspirants all together and went with a "natural" deodorant. After all, sweating is one thing, smelling like it is another! After trying all the "natural" deodorants on the market I finally found the only one that worked for me. The deodorant stone. This "all natural" mineral salt actually kills the bacteria that causes that nasty underarm smell we all hate and feel embarrassed by. Its "natural" and it works! How great is that!

When "Natural" is Not

But...... Being one who loves to learn, I read a lot, and luckily so. I just read this article yesterday on the truth about "natural" deodorants, including my favorite, the deodorant stone. Guess what.....Its Not Natural! Darn. They got me again! And I thought I was being so smart. Here is the link to the article which I think is worth the read

If you don't want to bother reading, but want the solution, use baking soda instead.

Buyer Beware

But buyer beware! The good old stand by brand, Arm and Hammer, and other conventional brands of baking soda have aluminum in them too, or so I am told (don't quote me on this). To find the non-aluminum brands of baking soda you'll have to go to Whole Foods or your local "natural" foods co-op. (But don't worry, Arm and Hammer is still great for household cleaning purposes)

I'm constantly learning, and the more I learn, the less I find that I know. If I've helped one of you learn one new thing, then this post was worth writing. Would you care to share some of what you've learned with us?