Monday, December 20, 2010

Health as a Choice to Love Ourself

I went to pick up a friend at the hospital, from her Chemotherapy treatment.  I hadn’t set foot in a hospital in years.  As I walked in, I smelled and felt the air.  It was dry and of poor quality.  My nose sensed the intermingling of scents: of medications and perfumes, sterility and disease.  Absent, was the fresh smell of health.  I watched the people with an intensity of observance of a mind wanting to learn and understand.  I saw people wearing masks, employees, patients and visitors.  I wondered if they were trying not to spread their own germs, or trying not to pick up germs from the others.  Either way, I found it sad.  An awareness of irony stirred in my mind.  I sat in the waiting room, waiting for my friend.  It was difficult to pick out the patients from those who were waiting for their loved one to take home, like me.  They all looked if not sickly, at least of a much lower level of health than I have come to appreciate living.  Those who were not patients at that time, I sensed were future patients in the making.  As I watched, gathering it all in, I marveled at the focus all around me.  It was a focus on disease, lived through the energy of fear.  I wondered how anyone can get healthy, being in a place of disease.  I was glad the hospital world was not a part of my world.

 And yet, as I observed the nurses and other hospital employees interacting with the patients, I understood this to be a perfect place to learn and live compassion, caring and love.  I observed this, as I watched with a smile. Like the tender balance of the dual soul, I watched the emotions of fear and love being lived in strange harmony together, as one neutralizing the other.

Sitting in my chair, I pulled out my reading material.  It was the handout of the seminar I had just attended  with the Institute for Metaphysical Studies, “The Creation of Our Dual Soul Energy”.  Picking up where I had left off the night before I read, “We create our own level of health and disease by the energy balance or imbalance of ourselves with Earth and Nature”.  My eyes began to well up as I realized a sense of appreciation for my own choice to live health, rather than disease, and for the teachings of  Kathy Oddenino and Spiritual Philosophy, which taught me the difference and that I have a choice.  As I looked around at the others visible to me, I felt sad for them and their choice.  Do they not know they have a choice, or is disease their choice?  I felt grateful to know that I have the knowledge to make my choices consciously.  Through Spiritual Philosophy, I’ve learned to value and to love my life and my health.  Learning to love is also a choice.  Embracing the wisdom of Spiritual Philosophy is how I choose to live that love.

My hope for all those I observed at the hospital is that they too will choose to learn how to live love.  A choice to live in health, is a choice to live in love....for ourself      



I liked the way Whitney Houston said, it LEARNING TO LOVE YOURSELF, IT IS THE GREATEST LOVE OF ALL!

Carole Hoffman said...

I love that Angela. Sometimes the most simple and concise statements say it best.